- November 1986 - Passed BAGSD Instructors Course.       - March 2007 - KC approved Breed Assessment Course. I first became interested in dog training with my first dog, a Labrador X called Rusty in 1974 at Reading and District dog training club where one of the instructors was John Simpson (who won Crufts with his GSD.) My first Shepherd was Jason, a rescue dog with a lot of problems. A friend suggested Camberley BAGSD, so I joined the club in about 1984. I was asked if I would like to become a trainer, so I attended the training course and passed the BAGSD exam in November 1986. I have won two Beginners classes at Open Show Level with two different dogs; Zeus in 1995, and Kiwi in 1996. I have been a committee member at the club since 1984 and at the moment I am Treasurer. During the summer months I run the agility section of our club, which is held in our field at the back of our house, it has been running since 1988. At the moment I am helping to run the BAGSD Training School which will enable me to become a BAGSD Director of Training and run my own school next year. I help to train the display team which attends approx 4 events per year, the main reason for the team is to raise money for our charities and show the public what a wonderful breed the GSD is. I also help train our very successful Interbranch teams, I have been doing this for about 10 years. For the last 2 years I have also done all the paperwork for this event. I currently have 3 GSDs at home; Assie, who has now retired, Willow who is my daughter's dog and Merlin, a handsome red sable dog who, at 2,  is showing good working ability and I hope to compete in Open Shows with him next year at Novice level.



  I have always been around Shepherds, since I was little. I started training my mum's old dogs when I was about the age of 11 or 12 and started training my own dog, Willow, at the age of 16. When I was 18, a spare place became available on the Instructors course, so I took it, attended and passed, becoming the youngest qualified trainer at our branch.




 I have loved GSDs forever, I had my first when my ex husband brought home a six week old puppy who should have still been with her mum and nearly lost her within day as her tummy wasn't ready for solids. She stole my heart and I was left heartbroken when my ex husband took her and didn't tell me later when she died of a heart attack at 13. I swore I wouldn't have another dog unless it was a GSD - it took many years with my new husband to persuade him that the only dog we would have would be a Shepherd. Needless to say he had a complete eye opener with my Max, who even surprises me, I love him to bits and there will never be another like him, I can't bear the thought that one day I shall lose him. Just returned from a weekend of Open shows at Ockwell Park - Thames DTC and Southern Area BAGSD Shows combined and got our first ever placing in Pre beginners - only 5th I know but it means so much to be placed in 'proper' show against really experienced handlers and hear judges comments about my boy 'cracking dog', 'bags of character', 'all the moves' and I am shamed to say it is me that is holding him back - I am not in same class as what he is capable of  - just not enough experience - I am truly blessed with him - such an easy dog to train - he has taught me so much.



 I have been around Shepherds since my mum got her first when I was just 5 years old, she and I shared an incredible bond, she was my protector and my best friend rolled into one, when we went out she learnt to break into my bedroom to take things that had my scent on, needless to say I ended up with a lot of stuffed toys with missing eyes and ears!! She also had a thing about trimming up my welly boots, never anyone elses! Mum's pack grew with a Jack Russell (big dog in a little body!) and then a couple of rescue GSDs, then came Baloo from a breeder, then a few more rescue dogs, as I left home at 19, she had a pack of 7. After a few months of not living at home I missed having a dog around and so rehomed Kiwi, a 6 year old Jack Russell, she really thought she was a GSD and was fascinated when she met other small dogs! Sadly I lost Kiwi at the grand old age of 16 years. 5 years after taking on Kiwi, I took on Kaiya, a solid black longcoat boy who belonged to my mum, 5 months later along came Bandit, a black and gold longcoat from the same breeder as Kaiya. I decided that dog training was what I wanted to do and asked Dave to be considered for the next BAGSD Instructors course, I was successful and along with Rosie, qualified in March 2010 as a BAGSD Instructor. Taking classes and attending the course have done wonders for myself and my confidence and I love seeing the dogs and their handlers making progress every week. 

Jacqui Cadec    Having grown up with German Shepherds my whole life, it went without saying that they would be my dog of choice when ?I flew the proverbial family nest? to set up my own home!...It was 1987 when my husband and I bought our first two German Shepherd puppies...they were litter sisters and we named them Heidi and Elsa.  It was with Heidi and Elsa that we first became members of Camberley BAGSD back in May 1987!!  We had a lot of fun at the club, even when our Agility Demos were sponsored by ?Tex chunks? meant us wearing bright RED tracksuits at the displays.....aaahh memories! After losing Heidi at 10 yrs and Elsa at 14 yrs we had a 6 year lull in our lives without dogs...But in June 2007 we rescued a GSD named Buddy, followed in Feb 2008 by another called Tasha.....These were both older dogs who had unfortunately found themselves waiting in a rescue centre for almost a year to be rehomed.  It was with Tasha that I rejoined Camberley BAGSD in May 2008. In April and July 2009 we sadly lost both Buddy and Tasha. Soon after in 2009 we rescued Max and Eva, whom  successfully trained regularly at club.  Sadly we lost our beloved Max in 2018.  We currently now have 3 Gsds,  Eva who will be 12 this year (2019), Opie who is 4 and our recent loveable hooligan 8 month old Lincoln.  Both Opie and Lincoln have been with us from pups at 8 weeks old and successfully train at club.  Since rejoining the club in 2008 I became one of the clubs current Committee members, and successfully completed the BAGSD instructors exams and regularly instruct classes at club, which is something I really enjoy doing.



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